Optimal Fishsperience:

A new school of fish thought.

The Metaquarium whalecomes you to a new aquatic world that bridges together the past (Web 1), present (Web 2) and future (Web 3) of digital aquarium experiences. The world's first Non-Fungible Fishtank that spreads joy, philanthropy and innovation through collectible-powered experiences.

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The next evolution of Aquarium history

After Dark






To Infishity & Beyond

A Metaquarium NFT is your passport into a society of fish. Unlock special powers and become a voting member of the Metaqarium for life. While others rush to claim digital land, our founding members seek to create the sea for the next digital frontier, and help our real-life ocean along the way.

Beta Fish
For our first 300 Beta Testers
Angel Fish
Tang Gang
Baby Fish
Blow Fish
Hacker Fish
Glow Fish
Sea Turtle
The best is yet to come

Roadmap to 10,000 Fish & Metatlantis

Follow our journey and be a part of it in creating the Aquarium of the Metaverse. Starting with digital collectibles and finishing with a fully immersive virtual environment goverened by the members of the Metaquarium DAO.

10% of all minting proceeds will be donated to the Surfrider Foundation.
Phase 1
IFO: Initial Fish Offering. Join the first 300 members with a limited release of the Beta Fish NFT on the Ethereum network.
The Tank Opens. Sit back, relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Metaquarium community of fish.
Metaquarium FM. Enjoy an original soundtrack of chill aquarium music.
Phase 2
Dive In & Explore the Metaquarium. Swim around in an immersive 3D virtual world, discovering new fish & artifacts.
Breed Drops. The biology of the tank expands to 12 different breeds. In order to mint a Metaquarium NFT, you must find it in the tank.
Metaquarium Merch. Apparel & Accessory drop with proceeds going to a related charity.
Fish Chat. Join the conversation no matter what color your bubbles are. Only Metaquarium members can translate fish language.
Members Only Airdrops. Stack new collectibles for seasonal happenings and fish birthdays.
Phase 3
Personal Tanks Open. Founding members will receive their own personal real-estate within the Metaquarium. Set your own soundtrack and write a message to the public on your tank board.
Decorate. Members will receive digital tools to design their own tank decorations or contribute to the community.
New Networks Added. Whether you're a fan of Solana, Tezos or any other layer 1, the tank will be inclusive to all types of collectors.
Create Your Pet. Make your Metaquarium fish a pet of your other NFT's that will take on some of it's characteristics.
Phase 4
Voting Begins. The community of members each carry equal voting rights in determining tank activity with fissues like aesthetics, landmarks, donations, functionality and rewards systems.
Artist & Brand Collaboration drops. The community of voting members will decide what brands and artists will be selected to create special edition collectibles, soundtracks and virtual experiences.
Tank Games Begin. Beta Fights, Scavenger Hunts & Decorating contests earn players digital and cash prizes.
Phase 5
Metalantis Opens. The ultimate goal of the Metaquarium is to create an community-owned ocean in the Metaverse that has the power to create good in the world. At this phase all development of the project will be owned by the community with the original artists taking a step back to set the Metaquarium free. Metalantis is a utopic ideology that, with your help, can become a reality in the story of the web.
Today the Metaquarium is a small team with the same mission in life - To wake up every day and make cool fish stuff on the internet.

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